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This is my complete Lightweight Bicycle Touring Gear List. This is all the bicycle touring gear I carry with me as I cycle tour around the world, at the moment I’m Bicycle Touring from Alaska to Argentina.  I am not only cycling around the world but I take lots of time off the bicycle to go hiking. As a result a lot of the gear also serves a dual purpose as hiking gear. For me it is essential to choose strong and lightweight gear that have multiple uses.

I live on my bicycle so I have everything I need in life with me. The base weight of all this gear is around 23kg (50lb). My Touring bicycle is a solid, reliable touring bicycle set up to Bicycle Tour around the world. It is set up to carry very heavy loads if I need to carry many days of food and water. At times it might be carrying up to 20 liters of water and 10 days of food. This would bring the weight of my gear close to 50kg (110lb).

Bicycle Touring Gear List

Panniers and Storage

2 x Ortlieb panniers
Ortlieb rack bag
Ortlieb handlebar bag
Custom made frame bag

Camping Gear

Nemo Hornet 2 Person Tent+ Footprint
Nemo Nocturne 15F / -9C Down Sleeping Bag
Thermarest Neoair
Nemo Pillow

Bicycle Touring Gear List – Clothing

Cheap clothing is best for long distance bicycle touring. They will get covered in sweat and dirt and start to get destroyed quicker than on a short tour with access to washing machines on a regular basis. I also carry a set of town clothes for the times I spend in towns wandering around like a normal tourist. When I get to town I usually hand wash my clothing in a hotel sink and let them dry naturally, sometimes that means strapping them to the bicycle as I cycle.

Bicycle Touring Clothing must serve the following purposes:

  • They must be practical
  • Cheap
  • Serve the purpose of cycling clothing and hiking clothing
  • Work well in cold weather and hot weather
  • Be quick drying

Warm Weather Cycling Clothes

  • 2 x Cheap padded lycra cycling shorts
  • 2 x Bright coloured short sleeve cycling shirt, preferably bright yellow
  • Cheap running shorts
  • Helmet: On the quiet back roads I often don’t wear a helmet
  • Baseball cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Cycling fingerless padded gloves
  • Teva Sports Sandals

Cold Weather Cycling Clothing

All the items above plus the following:

Rain Gear

Town Clothes

Bicycle Touring Gear List – Kitchen

I like to cook most of my meals when cycle touring. Breakfast is usually either fruit with granola or oats, lunch is whatever I can find as I cycle and dinner is usually a hot meal of pasta or rice with vegetables and tuna. Sometimes, fuel can be an issue in remote areas. When I started bicycle touring I used an alcohol stove. In Australia, USA and Canada it was very easy to access the fuel. As I cycled into Mexico and Central America it was harder to find quality alcohol fuel. I threw down a heap of cash and invested in a multi fuel stove. Below is my not so lightweight kitchen set up:

 Electronics and Camera

Photography and making videos of my journey is important to me, as a result, I carry more gear than most lightweight bicycle tourists. With my setup I am able to be off the grid for up to 2 weeks and still have the ability to charge my phone, GPS, 2 cameras and Kindle. I only use my computer when in town so it does not need to be charged when cycling off the grid in remote area. In the coming months I will be writing an article about how I keep my gear charged when on the road. Here is my list of electronics that I carry:

Toiletries, Medical and Extras

  • Lip Balm
  • Earplugs
  • Antacid tablets
  • scissors
  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Floss
  • Razor and spareblades
  • Electric razor
  • Shampoo
  • Plastic zip lock bags
  • Money / ID / Credit Cards
  • Blister pads
  • Strapping Tape
  • Giardia anti-biotic
  • Foot infection anti-biotic
  • Ibuprofen
  • tweezers
  • Safety Pin, needles and sewing kit
  • Deet insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Toilet tissue
  • light rope for a washing line
  • sea to summit bucket for doing laundry etc
  • Passport and Vaccination Certificates

What equipment is on your bicycle touring gear list? What else should I be carrying?
Let me know in the comments section below.

*Some items of gear I carry are not mentioned, they are mentioned in my lightweight hiking gear list and Bicycle Touring Tools and Spares or you might like to read about cycling from Alaska to Argentina.

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  1. PeterG

    Hi Brad … great site and inspirational posts. Can appreciate the effort you’ve made to do this – even on the tough days. Quick questions on the Ortlieb rack bag. Is this the 49L model and does your Osprey Exos 48 or 58 pack fit inside? Looking at a similar set up for Patagonia where I plan on a number of long hikes on an extended cycle tour.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Hi Peter, yes the Osprey 48 and 58 both fit inside the 49L Ortlieb Rack bag, so do my trekking poles and tent poles. Combining hiking and cycle touring in Patagonia will be awesome. I’ll be down that part of the world in the next year or so.


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